Foals belonging to a certain production will pay two $500 (Argentine pesos) instalments ($1.000 when dealing with foals not nominated stallions) and two $800 instalments, once, prices that are condition to eventual changes.

Stallion nominations will take place once a year, leting their following year’s crops able to register. The amount of money to pay will be stablish according to the final place at the General Stallion Statistic from the Stud Book Argentino, belongs to the year before its nomination.

Once the payment days and its possible defers expires for the stallion nomination and the foals register, the addition of the sallion as well as the product in any case will expire. Under that circunstances, neither the breeder nor the owner will have any right to claim for any pay, previously made for those foals.

The product with its four instalments payed has the right to participate in every race the FUNDACION EQUINA ARGENTTINA organize in the following years, on the category according to its age.

The payment dates and inscription lists will be known periodly.

The CARRERAS DE LAS ESTRELLAS programs can be cancel without any previous notification and in that case, FEAR will take as an only obligation the distribution as purses of the whole amount of money obtained for inscriptions and nominations, less administration expenses.

Qualifying Rules

Horses registered at the Fundación Equina Argentina (FEAR), with its four instalments payed, will add a certain score according to the chart describe in Scoring System. The points will start to add since the first day after the meeting of Carreras de las Estrellas from the previous year. For example: for the races of 2012, the addition goes from June 26th of 2011 until June 24 of 2012.

It’s present as a statement that the points added from previous seasons are left without effect for the following ones. In addition to this, during the period between the entry and the day of “Carreras de las Estrellas” no points will be added.

17 competitors will be allowed for each race organized by the FEAR. Fifteen of them will have the right to participate according to the score obtained on their performances, during the considered period. For the two competitors left they will be no need for them to be registered at the Carreras de las Estrellas, but to participate they will have to pay 50% of the purses belonging to the competition in which the owner wish to participate. The Consejo de Adminitración will be able to increase the amount of not registers horses if the number of competitors does not reach 17. If in the field, the non-registered are over the number previously stablished, the Consejo de Administración of the FEAR will choose the competitors according to his consideration.

What is payed for the listing of non-registered horses at the Carreras de las Estrellas will be add to the purses of the competition they participate. In case there is no registration under that condition, the Consejo de Administración of the FEAR will be able to invite to participate horses registered for the Carreras de las Estrellas although they do not reach the score required.

In case of foreign stakes campaign horses, the FEAR will be able to consider the participation or not once their history is evaluted.

The conditions of the Carreras de las Estrellas programme, included its rules and legislations, will possibly be modified or cancelled, completely or partially by the FEAR, without any limitation.